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Why Need to Do BMW Check Engine Light


Why Need to Do BMW Check Engine Light

Have BMW Check Engine Light will let you know when something is not right in your car. Perhaps this look as simple, but this will give you double benefit and remove small scale problem before it getting bigger.


What need to do when the light on

As it stated before that when the BMW Check Engine Light is on then it means there is malfunction in your emission system. When the BMW Check Engine Light is turn on, then the first step that needs to do is check the fuel cap. Tighten the cap until it sound click. If the cap is loose, this will trigger the CEL if the gas cap is the problem, then you need to replace it.

Most of BMW in 2005 and newer series will also show separate symbols for remain you to remember for tighten the fuel cap. The CEL will reset itself after few drive cycles. If your BMW is fine to drives, then close the monitor temperature engine and ensure the oil light in not on. If the BMW car is overheating or the oil light is on, then stop your car and get towed the BMW if needed. The next step, you need to read the fault codes. This is easy to do by yourself. This will give you information on problem that happens with your car.

Common causes of bmw check engine light

There are many causes of problem that can trigger check engine appears. In BMW, you can check for specific problems such as:

  • Cracked or loose hoses
  • Injectors ‘bad charcoal carbon canister
  • Low fuel level
  • Old battery
  • Bad mass of air flow sensor
  • Failure on high pressure fuel pump

Remember, do not replace any BMW parts without read the fault codes. It is able to read in BMW tools scanner. If you do not have the scan tools, then go to shop that have specializing on read the BMW codes and troubleshoot. After your problem has been diagnosed, then you can decide what repair types that you need to perform.

Notes for you

  • If the CEL is turn on when you are driving then continually check the engine temperature and the oil pressure light. If any of this light is turn on, then you need to safely pull over and turn off your engine.
  • Never ignore the condition when the check engine light warning turns on. Read the codes immediately to see the problem.

List of Check Engine Light turn on cost to repair

As you need to check the BMW Check Engine Light, then this estimation can help you to prepare your pocket when the problem found. The repair cost is the typical prices that you need to pay usually in dealers and auto repairs shop.

  • The oxygen sensor: the cost estimation about $200-$400.
  • The catalytic converter: it cost about $750-$1500
  • The loose gas cap: the cost about $25
  • The mass air flow sensor : it cost about $200-400
  • Camshaft sensor position: it can cost about $300-500


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