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What You Can Expect from 2018 Honda Odyssey Awd


What You Can Expect from 2018 Honda Odyssey Awd

Honda Odyssey Awd is considered as the fifth generation Odyssey. Most car lovers are curious about this 2018 Honda Odyssey Awd because of its extreme exterior, stylish interior, and the latest features. If you have the same curiosity, just read the short review below. From this review, you can conclude why this latest car interesting to drive on the road.

2018 Honda Odyssey Awd Exterior


2018 Honda Odyssey Awd Exterior shows the first impression of the car. The LED lighting, stylish rear doors and the extreme beltline lighting design make the exterior looks attracting to see. It seems that you are seeing a modern car presented by Honda. You are about to see a drastic exterior changing which never been done by the previous generation of Honda Odyssey. It is clearly seen from the headlamp design.

Just see it carefully and you will see the vertical lines. Honda Odyssey lovers will notice also the different on its tail lamps, larger wheels and tires. Again, it is only improved on this 2018 Honda Odyssey Awd. This car is suitable for long distance journey especially if you have to bring a lot of items. The car has spacious cargo space at the back.

2018 Honda Odyssey Awd Engine

Let’s take a look a little bit deeper into the engine. This is the part which supports the performance of the car. To have great performance, 2018 Honda Odyssey Awd is using V6 engine with 3.5 liter capacity along with direct injection technology. This type of engine triggers its performance to produce up to 280 horsepower. Automatic transmission is also used to support the performance.

In specific, this car is using 10-speed automatic transmission and it can be adjusted depending on the trim level. Honda is also successfully developing the powertrain package, and shutter griller to create aerodynamic car to drive. The best part of this improvement is on its fuel. It is considered as an economically friendly fuel.

2018 Honda Odyssey Awd Interior


Stylish exterior and powerful engine are not enough without comfortable interior. That’s why Honda is trying to balance this new product. The improvement is made on the second seat row. This row is using a new technology known as the Magic Slides. By using this technology, the second seat row is easy to slide for easier access to the third seat row.

Thanks also to the hydraulic system which helps the passengers to adjust the chairs. There is also a place to put 10.2 inch screen. You can enjoy your favorite music from your smartphone via Wi-Fi connection. It can be said that this latest Honda Odyssey Awd is children friendly. Your children are safe, comfortable, and fun during the journey so you can focus on driving the car.

2018 Honda Odyssey Awd Price

So, how much money do you have to spend to bring this cool car home? Due to the stylish exterior, powerful engine, and comfortable and safety interior, Honda is offering their latest car starts from below $30K. The price is various depending on its trim level and the additional equipment you want to install. Are you ready to drive 2018 Honda Odyssey Awd?


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