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The Problem in Check Engine Light Flashing


The Problem in Check Engine Light Flashing

When the check engine light flashing, then it can be means for something serious that need to pay attention. The flashing of check engine light (CEL) is indication if your engine is misfiring and it can lead to your car damage. The Check Engine Light is operated by Electric Control Module that means your car is a computer. The ECM will control almost of electric system and scans continually for the out range operating parameter that reported in numerous sensors and the actuators.


The pattern of Check Engine Light

When the Check Engine Light is turn on, then you need to pay attention to the pattern result. The patterns have three: continually flashing, intermittent turn on or continuous illumination in check engine light flashing.

  • Intermittent flashing on. When this happen, the check engine light is flashing by and goes easily. This intermittent flashing is means with something that failure in your system but it is smooth and causing the light flashing, stops flashing and then flashing the signs again. The problem that perhaps becomes the causes in this condition such as the broken wire
  • Continuous check engine light illumination. When this is happen, then it can be sign that there is hard failure available in your system.
  • Continuous check engine light flashing. If the CEL is flashes continually, then it can be means that there are serious problem in your system that can lead into serious damage to your car. The misfire is the most common causes on this CEL flashing on. When misfire happen, this will lead into exhaust system damage or problem with catalytic converter problem. Therefore, you need to make sure to check this immediately to prevent more damage into your system.

The check engine light monitors and controls to your emission that resulted from your car operation. This will check and correct the values from appropriate system with the sensors built. This sensors monitor and controls parts such as Oxygen sensor, knock sensor, air meter sensor, idle speed motor and idle air solenoid, canister purge solenoid, Fuel injector, Fuel pump and EGR solenoid. With the crucial parts monitored, your travel with car will be more safely.

The common reasons for the Check Engine Light flashing

Usually, the Check Engine Light will flash when the computer detects any problems appears such as:

  • Engine mechanical problems
  • Vacuum leak, gas problem or hose
  • Electrical short in the circuit
  • Fuel system problems, regulator, bad injectors, or the fuel pump
  • The sensors send bad signal to the vehicle computer
  • The problem in electrical connection, broken wires, and corrosion
  • The increased emission, EGR valve, bad oxygen, and EVAP sensor
  • The malfunction of computer

What you need to do when the Check Engine Light is flash? Then you need to do first check for these things that probably becomes the causes of the flashing:

  • The broken wires
  • The loose connection of electricity
  • The problem in engine mechanical
  • The loose or the torn of vacuum hose

Whenever the check engine light flashing then it is important for find out the possible reason of it. You can avoid high cost with check the causes as soon as possible.


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