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Mazda CX 5 Mpg and Review


Mazda CX 5 Mpg and Review

Mazda CX 5 Mpg is not the most efficient car in its class. But, Mazda is always succeeded to blend the sophisticated features of sports car into every model of its car and this CX 5 model is not the exception at all. It has poised chasing and sharp steering ability which is able to make the car enthusiasts get the luxury feeling in the quiet interior existence.

The standard type offers six-speed automatic with 2.5 liters inline four of 187-hp. It is also available the option for all-wheel drive as well. The entertainment system is easy to use and equipped with 7.0-inch touchable screen. It is also equipped with optional safety technology like emergency braking system that can be automatically active, adaptive cruiser and many more. So, everything in this car makes you want to have Mazda CX 5 right away.


The highlight of this car

This car is good and does need to be considered because it has responsive handling. The steering performance is excellent as well. Other than that, when it comes to the design of the cabin, you will only see a very nice cabin design for high class with excellent material.

But, this car is not the fastest car in its class, not to mention the fuel efficient aspect as well compared to other cars with the same segment. Other than that, it is probably a bit roomy for you for a compact crossover vehicle.

2017 Mazda CX 5 FWD

Some people call it small SUV and others are calling it compact crossover vehicle. Regardless what you call this car is, this vehicle put the broad appeal on the elevated seating position, price, practicality, and of course, price. Most of these cars are going down to the road with a ride that is not offensive but with plenty confidence to give satisfaction for the buyers in this car segment. But, this car can also act as fun and entertaining as well with the steering ability and suspension performance.

The energy

Well, actually there is an exception for this car. You will definitely feel the energy once after you drive this car. The energy does not exist on the other cars in the same segment. You will get the precise steering that can provide the feedback like what you can get from sports car. On the suspension, it gives the composure rather than the reluctance.

Well, it is not the most efficient mpg in its class but it can give you 24 miles in the city way and 31 miles on the highway road. When it combines, it will give you 27 mpg.

Fine refinements

If you drive it speed for highway, you will get the maximum silence inside since it is equipped with additional insulation for sound and thicker windshield. Since the interior is redesigned, it gives the look of premium brands. As I have said earlier, the infotainment aspect is fun and entertaining that can be easily controlled by your fingertip. The seats are comfortable and excellent with excellent quality of material. So, this is my prediction about Mazda CX 5 mpg.


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