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Lexus RC 350 Review and Buying Guide


Lexus RC 350 Review and Buying Guide

Lexus RC 350 review will help you in case you want to buy this car but not sure yet. So, I will start with the overview. This car is sitting on the rank #7 in Luxury Small Cars category, competing with 20 other car. It offers the performance and show about the potential options of engine as well as the luxurious cabin.

Even though it can tackle the corner with a super-nice agility, other cars in the same class can be more glued when they are on the road. However, RC series has a very little rear-seat or the space for cargo even if just for a coupe.


Pros and Cons

The good stuffs from this car are such as:

  • Super-nice interior than other cars in the same class
  • Ratings for reliability and safety are remarkable

The bad stuffs from this car are such as:

  • It has adequate support for the standard seats
  • The remote touchpad that can be optional is pretty distracting
  • Small space for trunk

But in the 2017 version, this car has some improvements. It has adaptive dampers of suspensions. Besides, the previous scout GPS Link navigation is standard now.

Is Lexus RC 350 a good car?

Lexus RC lineup offers anything you need if you want a car with sporty coupe along with four-cylinder engine equipped with turbocharger or all-wheel drive small car with luxury sensation or sports car with more than 400 horsepower. It gives you the best experience if you like to drive pretty aggressively.


Based on the review and ratings, the 2017 version of Lexus RC 350 is so reliable and stylish since it uses material with only high quality. When it comes to the safety, you will find the good list for this matter.

But of course it has some shortcomings too. The seating is definitely comfortable but if you do the long drive then you may develop back ache. Besides, the system of entertainment may be a bit hard to see, not to mention the optional remote touchpad that can be pretty distracting if you use it while driving. You will not get enough space on the rear seat as well as the trunk.

Should I buy this car?

This car is undeniably fun and interesting. This car is designed for you who like to enjoy or having fun in the weekend with your partner or friend. But if you have big family or kids then this car seems not compatible to your family. Still, Lexus RC offers great reliability features inside the super-fast car.

How much does it cost?

Lexus RC 350 price is starting from 40,155 USD, more expensive than several luxury cars in its class. The highest trim of this car will start the price range from 64,165 USD.

The trim levels are indicating the primary powertrain of the car but the same package options though. So, you better figure out first before buying this car especially if you have two kids or live with big family. And this is the end of Lexus RC 350 review.


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