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Chevy Captiva Reviews and Buying Guide


Chevy Captiva Reviews and Buying Guide

Chevy Captiva reviews will let you know anything about this car. Besides, the review will also be your buying guide or consideration especially if you do not know much about this car yet but interested in buying this car.

Well, crossover cars have been the popular choice for most drivers who like to get-in in the regular car but with the sports utility inside. Chevrolet Captiva sport is just one of the vehicles you should consider if you are one of the drivers I mentioned above. It is not as big as the brother, Chevrolet Equinox, but it can handle big family as well.

In the 2015 version, there are several changes and improvements from the last type. The available colors are now including Sable Metallic, Ashen Gray Metallic, and Black. Besides, it also has change on the some codes of MyLink radio system.


The pros of Chevrolet Captiva Sport

The design is pretty captivating. So, if you are a driver who invests on visual look then this car may be good for you. Besides, you will get the shiny alloy wheels become your company along the road.

The frame is smaller with the greatness of comfort. So, even though this car is smaller than Chevrolet Equinox, you will still love it since it is also friendly when it comes to gas mileage.

Chevrolet always puts the safety on the first place. This car comes with a lot of safety features that will satisfy you such as ABS, safety system of post-collision, disk brakes with ventilation, brake distribution in electronic system, stability control, traction control, alarm control for anti-theft, side-mounted airbags in dual mode, and monitoring for tire pressure along with many other features.

When it comes to the fuel, this car is really efficient as well. You can get as least as 20 miles driving in the city and 28 miles if you are driving it on the highway. Considering this is a sport car, this car has good rating on the fuel efficiency.

Even though it has small frame, it provides plenty space for cargo room up to 56.4 cubic. So, this car is a good deal for big family.

This car price range is ranging from 24,000 USD and 29,000 USD for a new one. If you compare it to other SUV cars then this car offers interesting prices.

As I have said earlier, Chevrolet Captiva is a regular car with sport car sensation. You can taste the speed since it is equipped with 180 horsepower considering this is a SUV. Even if you do not like something fast, you still can enjoy is car.

A few model of Captiva is equipped with the roadside assistance. It helps the driver to be confidence on the road.

The cons of Chevrolet Captiva Sport

Unfortunately, this car has small engine even though it is already four-cylinder engine. For a crossover car, the engine is too small anyway. But it is not a big deal anyway. Well, this is the end of Chevy Captiva reviews.


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