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Brake Checking Illegal


Brake Checking Illegal

What is Brake Checking illegal? As usual, before delve further into the deeper the topic itself, it is better yet to understand the terms of the topic itself. The terms of “Brake Checking” meanings as what the words refers to.

Checking the car’s brake at home by slamming the brakes hard in purpose of checking whether the brake is working properly or not is something a car driver commonly does. And it does not contain any illegal act in doing so. But the actual problem in this discussed topic is when the brake checking is done on the road where there are other car in the road is a whole different matter.


Brake Checking Issues

If there is a car behind you when you do the brake checking, then it is highly possible that the car behind will crash on your car due to the sudden brakes. And thus, obviously would cause harm to both your car’s rear and the car behind you as well. If the speed involved is high speed then a disastrous crash results would be unavoidable. Therefore, some developed city such as the Washington city declared that brake checking is one of the behaviors symptomatic of aggressive driving and road rage.

Usually the reason of committing this Unsafe Brake Checking Act is to fend off the annoying tailgating act by the car behind. This Brake Checking Act is usually committed by either a drunk or an aggressive driver warn the car behind to keep its distance. If the crash caused by the brake checking really occurred, then it has the possibility in leading to both Civil and Criminal Assault charges. And if worst comes to worst, if the brake checking crash leads to the tailgating car’s driver death then it is possible to leads to Intentional Murder charges.

Alternative of Brake Checking

In actuality, there is an obvious of less harming act to warn of the tailgating act instead of Brake Checking. Here are several obvious alternative ways of Break Checking:

  1. Tapping the brakes in order to flash the brake lights at the tailgater. This will inform the tailgater that they are driving too closely to your car and hopefully they will slow down and keep their distance to your car.
  2. Switch Over to Other Lane. This will allow the car behind to pass through you and therefore avoiding the tailgating act of the car.
  3. It is advised for the Tailgaters to Switch to Other Lane. If you think that the car in front is moving too slowly, then just switch to other lane rather than tailgating the car in front to avoid unnecessary accidents.

In Conclusion, Brake Checking when it is committed without causing trouble to other road users will be viewed as legal and harmless. However, if the Brake Checking is committed on the traffic road where another road user is involved and have potential of causing harm to the other road user then the Break Checking is deemed illegal. Hopefully, my beloved readers here would be more enlightened in illegal driving behavior by reading this article of Break Checking Illegal.


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