Home Car Reviews 2015 Lexus IS-350 F Sport Buying Guide and Review

2015 Lexus IS-350 F Sport Buying Guide and Review


2015 Lexus IS-350 F Sport Buying Guide and Review

2015 Lexus IS-350 F Sport price range is starting between 27,177 USD and 40,553 USD but the original MSRP was between 36,550 USD and 47,640 USD. When it comes to the reliability, it has great score on it. You will get luxury cabin sensation, sharp steering ability, and comfortable driving experience as well. But the infotainment controller is pretty sensitive compared to other cars in the same segment. Other than that, the gas mileage is quite low as well.

This car can accommodate up to 5 persons inside. The mpg is between 19 and 21 in the city and 26 up to 30 on the highway road. It is available for all-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive option.


The pros and cons about Lexus IS-350 F Sport

The good things about this car are such as:

  • Precise and sharp steering ability
  • Smooth and quiet ride
  • High quality interior
  • Very reliable

The bad things about this car are such as:

  • Low gas mileage
  • Too sensitive touch controller

In the 2015 mode, this car is already integrated to smartphone which makes this car way much cooler and a perfect car to ride.

Is the 2015 Lexus IS a good car?

It has good rating and rank in the class of luxury small car. It offers the balance car performance along with the comfortable interior which is made of high-end materials. If we look on the rating of reliability, this car is pretty excellent. You can consider this car as your ride as long as you do not mind with the low gas mileage.

Performance and interior of Lexus IS

Lexus IS-350 is equipped with 3.5-liter V6 engine that comes with the automatic transmission. The engine is basically offering adequate power with serious punch due to the V6. Lexus IS model offers the balance ride and excellent comfort that will allow you to have great driving experience. But unfortunately, the suspension is not that soft which makes this car feels a bit sloppy sometimes. But I would like to say that the rivals are much more athletic than this car. The standard type of this car is rear-wheel drive but you can also get the all-wheel drive as well.

The interior part of this car is really sleek and comes with high-end material for luxurious look. You may find the supportive and comfy rear front seats. The rear seats provide the comparable head as well as leg space to what you can find on other rival’s cars. The sedan model can accommodate up to 5 persons while the convertible type can accommodate up to 4 people inside.

The base type of IS series comes with all standard features like infotainment system, satellite radio, HD radio, Bluetooth, and moon-roof. You may also get the other expansion like integration to smartphone, surround sound and navigation system. But the controller for Remote Touch is a bit unfriendly since it is very sensitive whenever you want to change the settings of climate. So, this is the end of my review about 2015 Lexus IS-350 F Sport.


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