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2015 Lexus Gx 460 Review and Recommendation


2015 Lexus Gx 460 Review and Recommendation

The 2015 Lexus Gx 460 may not be as well-rounded when compared to its competitors in the luxurious mid size category. However, the midsize SUV still manages to bag such impressive selling numbers and many people are, needless to say, puzzled.

While its lackluster in a few aspects are undeniable, the 2015 model of Lexus GX 460 still offers something that its competitors do not. Learn about what the SUV has to offer before making a purchase.


The interior of 2015 Lexus GX

When compared to other options in the midsize luxury SUV category, the rating of 2015 model of Lexus GX 460 really shines. Known as one of the best options in its class, the GX 460 2015 model has strong reliability rating and remarkable cabin technology that is also user friendly. Not only that, from various research, the particular SUV is also a popular option offering excellent capabilities for off-roading.

But before we go there, let’s start the discussion with the 2015 Lexus Gx 460 interior aspect of it. Inside, the SUV features an incredibly solid construction. Materials used for its cabin may not be considered as upscale when compared to its luxury competitors. However, it offers spacious interior with unrivaled comfort. Capable of accommodating 7 passengers, the particular SUV is far from cramped.

The 2015 model of Lexus GX 460 offers 64.7 cubic feet cargo spaces, which isn’t exactly big for its category. Not to mention its side-hinged rear door as opposed to the common rear door option found in similar vehicle. However these shortcomings are not considered as limiting factor with its features and most importantly, capabilities.

Yes, this SUV actually comes with a myriad of features that make 2015 Lexus Gx 460 a good choice. With 2 USB ports and integrated Bluetooth technology, the 2015 Lexus Gx 460 also offers Siri Eyes-Free capabilities for iPhone and impressive safety and navigation system. Not only that, it also provides passengers with dual-screen rear-seat entertainment system with the infamous Mark Levinson audio system.

The performance of 2015 Lexus GX

Well-built interior with generous safety and entertainment features are not the only factors that make it one of the best-selling SUV. As the 2015 Lexus Gx 460 performance suggests, the are surprisingly a lot of things to be desired in this particular model. When it comes to daily driving, the 2015 Lexus GX 460 may not be particularly excellent choice as it uses lots of fuel.

However, despite its rather sluggish highway performance, the 2015 model of Lexus GX 460 still offers incredible off-road performance. With V8 engine producing 301 horsepower mated to its six speed automatic transmission, the SUV earns 20 mpg when driven on the highway and 15 mpg in the city. That number may not be impressive, however when driven on unpaved roads, the GX really shines.

Not only boasting mesmerizing off-road abilities, it’s also boasting excellent two-speed transfer and electric locking center. Another factor that makes the GX 2015 model a popular choice is its remarkable adjustable suspension. With sharper handling in every turn, the 2015 Lexus Gx 460 undoubtedly offers the best off-road abilities than its SUV rivals in the class.


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