Home Car Reviews 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid Review and Specification Details

2014 Honda Accord Hybrid Review and Specification Details


2014 Honda Accord Hybrid Review and Specification Details

The 2014 honda accord hybrid launch instantly steals attention of the notoriously fickle automotive press. There seem to be a lot to desire about this car, from the handling to the transition. Automotive press is impressed with its composed yet athletic handling in every turn and movement. To add to that, its regenerative brakes do not give out the dreaded grabby feeling despite its incredible strength.

When it comes to power, automotive press sings the same praises regarding its powertrain. Honda Accord Hybrid does offer plenty of power with its powertrain, more so when it comes to its power source transition. Not only does the car offer pleasantly silent burst of power, Honda Accord Hybrid also offers remarkably smooth transition between electric and gas power.

All of these rave testimonials will undoubtedly pique your interest. Is the 2014 model of Honda Accord Hybrid really the ultimate choice for those looking for a solid vehicle? Learn all aspects regarding this vehicle to find the answer. Here in this article, we will discuss more about its performance, reliability, safety and whether or not it’s a decent choice.



When topic regarding the 2014 honda accord hybrid springs in a discussion, performance is the first topic to cover. So how is the 2014 honda accord hybrid performance thus far? Boasting electric mother with 2.0-liter and four-cylinder engine, the 2014 model of Honda Accord Hybrid has the ability to deliver 196 horsepower.

In addition, the car also boasts continuous variable transmission, earning it an estimated 50/45 mpg for both city and highway. This is undoubtedly excellent EPA estimation for the class of such vehicle. During test drives, all drivers comment on its impressive transition between its power sources. Its incredible transition between its electric motor and gas engine is known to be so smooth and seamless.


The Honda Accord Hybrid 2014 model also provides an impressive start-stop feature which boasts the capability of shutting off the engine. This feature makes it possible for a car to operate smoothly and conserve fuel when it’s at a stop. The car’s hybrid powertrain delivers remarkable power even from a stop, whereas the CVT is likened to traditional automatic transmission.

Safety and reliability

Regarding the 2014 honda accord hybrid safety and reliability, the car has earned quite satisfying score in both aspects. When it comes to reliability, the J.D. Power and Associates has given the Honda Accord Hybrid 2014 model score of 3.5 out of 5. Whereas numerous class leaders given the car placed it in a class along with Hybrid models from Toyota Camry and Hyundai Sonata.

As for the safety aspect of it, it’s given the highest score for all five factors tested by the Insurance Instititute for Highway Safety. The Honda Accord Hybrid 2014 model is also named by the IIHS as the Top Safety Pick+ in 2014. Other 5-star rating is given by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in testing involving overall, side, and rollover crash testing.

Does this make 2014 honda accord hybrid a good choice? With its interior and exterior, this car may have tough competition. However, the 2014 honda accord hybrid really offers the best bang for your buck when it comes to performance, safety and reliability.


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